Lake Quinsigamond is a popular recreational spot located in Massachusetts, known for its boating, fishing, and water sports. The lake is approximately 2,500 acres in size and has a maximum depth of approximately 30 feet. It is located in the city of Worcester and is bordered by the towns of Shrewsbury and Grafton.

Lake Quinsigarmond satellite image

Ice fishing is popular during the winter months, but it is important to check the ice conditions before venturing out. The lake is open for fishing year-round, but the best time to fish is typically in the spring and fall. You can catch a variety of fish in the lake, including largemouth and smallmouth bass, pickerel, catfish, and perch.

The lake is not part of a state or national park, but there are several public access points, including a state-owned boat ramp and several town-owned beaches. There are also several private marinas and boat clubs that offer boat rentals and storage. Use fees may vary depending on the location and type of access.

Pets are allowed on the lake, but they must be on a leash and owners are responsible for cleaning up after them. Motorized boats are allowed on the lake, but there are speed limits and restrictions on certain areas.

Lake Quinsigamond is also popular for wind activities, such as sailing and windsurfing. There are several sailing clubs and schools located on the lake that offer lessons and rentals.

The nearby towns of Worcester, Shrewsbury, and Grafton offer a variety of restaurants and shops, as well as a diverse range of cultural and recreational activities. Worcester is the largest city in the area and offers a variety of museums, art galleries, and historical sites, including the Worcester Art Museum and the Worcester Historical Museum.

Best time to fish is early morning or late evening.

The most popular type of boating on the lake is sailing, but power boating, kayaking, and paddle boarding are also popular. The lake also offers several parks and playgrounds for children, as well as hiking and biking trails.

Lake Quinsigamond also offers several recreational opportunities including swimming, picnicking, and bird watching. The lake is also home to several species of waterfowl, making it a popular spot for bird watching.

Overall, Lake Quinsigamond offers a wide range of recreational activities for visitors of all ages. Whether you are looking for a peaceful day of fishing, an exciting day of boating, or a fun-filled day at the beach, Lake Quinsigamond has something for everyone.